Is Homeopathy safe? Are there any side effects?

Homeopathic medicines have no side effects and Homeopathy is completely safe method of healing. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources. Also Homeopathic remedies are given in extremely minute doses. So they are completely safe for all people, including newborns, children, pregnant women and elderly people as well.
Also hypersensitive individuals who are allergic to many substances can take Homeopathic medicines safely since these medicines produce no allergy reactions.

Can Homeopathic medicines be taken along with conventional (allopathic) medicines?

 Homeopathic medicines don’t interfere with the action of conventional medicines. So they can be taken along with conventional medicines. However certain prescription medicines do affect the action of Homeopathic medicines. Your Homeopath, while taking your case history, also takes the notes of the conventional medicines that you are receiving and then decides the line of treatment for you. So be sure to discuss with your Homeopath, about every other medicine that you are receiving.

I have hypertension and diabetes. I am receiving conventional treatment since more than 5 years. How Homeopathy can help me?

If you wish you can start taking Homeopathic treatment along with your regular doses of conventional medicines. Homeopathic medicines don’t interfere with the action of conventional medicines. It is usually seen that as patients’ health improves by using Homeopathy, less prescription drugs are needed.
Always speak to your physician, before changing, reducing or terminating medication that has been prescribed for you.


What about seeing a general physician?

As a Homeopath, I prefer to work in collaboration with your primary health care physician. He can advise the investigations whenever required and can help to diagnose. Also if you are receiving conventional medicines, it’s important that you should speak to your primary physician before changing, reducing or terminating medication that has been prescribed for you.
 believe that, by working together as a team, we are able to fill up the lacunae, and can achieve health goals faster and smoothly.


Will I need to change my diet or lifestyle?

No diet restrictions are required for Homeopathic medicines to act. However everyone has to follow the diet restrictions that are required to stop the disease from progressing. For e.g. a person having diabetes should take the diet with restricted sugar intake. That’s how we can achieve our health goals faster.
Healthy diet, regular exercise, proper sleep, physical and mental relaxation, yoga, meditation etc. are good habits to obtain and maintain a quality life. I can help you by giving health advice to attain quality life.


Is Homeopathy effective for children?

Yes, Homeopathy is absolutely effective and safe for children. I have treated hundreds of children for acute, chronic health problems and during epidemic diseases in India. My experience is that Homeopathy gives very fast relief in acute health problems of children. Also Homeopathic medicines help to build up the resistance power against diseases. With an appropriate Homeopathic treatment, the child's whole being - physical, emotional and mental - seems stronger even several months after the treatment. Since Homeopathic remedies are easy and pleasant to take, children love them a lot.



Can a pregnant woman or a newborn baby benefit from Homeopathy?
Since Homeopathic remedies are devoid of all chemical toxicity, it is the ideal system of medicine for people of all ages, even in the most sensitive cases like an expectant mother or a newborn baby. Difficulties during pregnancy and the delivery or its after months as well as all the problems experienced by the newborn can be dealt with very efficiently and without side effects with Homeopathy.


What does a Homeopath do?
In order to understand the nature of sickness and sick person, a Homeopath does a detailed case taking. From the signs and symptoms, he/she tries to understand the disease and disease process. For deeper understanding of your constitution, a Homeopath may ask questions regarding your nature, emotions, moods, and your life style. Homeopath also asks about your food craving, sleep pattern and dreams. In short, a Homeopath tries to understand the person on both physical mental and emotional levels in every way he can.

The first consultation may take up to 2 hours long. Everything that you tell your Homeopath is treated in strictest confidence and is used for the only purpose of selecting a proper medicine suitable for you.

What to expect while receiving Homeopathic treatment?

The response to the Homeopathic remedy varies from person to person. Some people start experiencing sense of well being physically as well as mentally soon after receiving Homeopathic remedy while in others the response may be delayed depending upon the nature of their disease. Some people may experience an initial period of aggravation of their complains before they start feeling better. Some people may develop new minor symptoms such as itching, cold or any form of discharge. All these symptoms last shortly and indicate that the body is getting cleaned.  The toxins and impurities inside the body are getting thrown out by itself. Since these symptoms are good signs of cure, they should not be treated separately. So while receiving Homeopathic treatment it is important that the patient should discuss every little concern about health with Homeopath. Also your Homeopath discusses with you about what is expected next during the process of healing.


How long does the treatment take?

The response to Homeopathic remedy and duration of Homeopathic treatment depends on:

1.   What type of disease you are suffering from?

2.   How long you are suffering from this disease?

3.   What other treatment you are receiving? Are you receiving any conventional or any other type of treatment simultaneously with homeopathic treatment?

4.   Your age and overall health

5.   Your constitution and sensitivity.

In acute health problems like fever, cold etc. response is very fast and treatment lasts very shortly. Long standing complains require longer treatment.


Is Homeopathy slow acting? Does Homeopathic treatment last too long?

No, Homeopathy is not slow. In acute health problems Homeopathic remedies give results as rapidly as conventional medicines and with no side effects. Homeopathy cures the disease from its root cause. Longer the duration of illness and deeper the disease, the more time is required to treat. When people seek to Homeopath soon after the onset of signs and symptoms, the treatment can be very short. But many people approach to Homeopath after trying conventional and other types of medicines for long times. Most of the time, the suffering is years long before they start taking Homeopathy. Such long standing complains may take a long time to treat.



I have heard that Homeopathy is nothing more than placebo effects. Is it true?

Skeptical criticize Homeopathic cures as resulted by placebo effects or as Homeopathic medicines are just sugar pills. But millions of patients in the world who seek only Homeopathy for their health problems prove it otherwise.

Higher potencies of Homeopathic medicines contain only trace elements of their base ingredients which is impossible to measure by conventional scientific needs. Hence they criticize Homeopathic cures as results of placebo effects. But Homeopaths believe that these remedies contain a kind of energetic memories of their base ingredients, which has dynamic effect by triggering the body’s unique healing mechanism.

Why not just treat myself with Homeopathic remedies from the health food store?

 The Homeopathic medicines that are available in health store are either disease specific combinations of multiple Homeopathic remedies or they are constitutional remedies available in very low potencies. When professionals use up to 5,000 possible remedies in varying strengths, health food stores usually carry 20 to 30 basic remedies in lower strength.

 Treating oneself with constitutional Homeopathic remedies usually is a recipe for frustrations and can lead to greater difficulties. Even a professional Homeopath needs to see another Homeopath for his health problems.


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