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The highest ideal of therapy is to restore health rapidly, gently and permanently

-Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, The father of Homeopathy.


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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two cases of cervical cancer

Two cases of cervical cancer:
Even in 21st century, not all cases of cancer have complete cure. Radiations, chemotherapy which are considered most effective mode of treatments for cancer, also have serious side effects. Many times, side effects of cancer treatments are more serious than the actual suffering of cancer. Offering quality life to the patient is an equally important part of managing cancer cases.
I was fortunate to be able to treat few cases of cancer in my practice. These cases make me to believe that Homeopathy is equally effective yet gentle mode of treatment for cancer patients. Homeopathic medicines have no side effects. They increase the natural resistance power of the body, making it capable to fight against cancer. It offers curative as well as a palliative treatment depending on the individual case of cancer.
Here I will like to share my 2 cases of cancer of cervix, which is the third most common cancer among women.
Case 1:
 I met this cancer patient in Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai while she was waiting to go for radiotherapy. I was shocked when I saw her there. I was shocked not because she developed cancer but by looking at her helpless condition. Until few months back, I used to work with her in a NGO. She was our support worker. She was very enthusiastic, loving and vivacious lady. She was a farmer but also was serving as a political leader in her village. She was courageous and hardworking lady. But now this 50 years young lady was looking as old as 70 years. She had lost weight by more than 20-25 lbs. All flesh had gone and only skeleton was left behind.
She was lying on a bench covered with a blanket and had no strength to sit up or to talk. When I went nearer to her, she started weeping. Even I couldn’t stop my tears because I was remembering her calling my name loudly and hugging me and greeting me every time we met. She always used to talk enthusiastically about her activities and farming. But now she hardly could whisper few words in my ears.
After talking to her son and going through her reports, I came to know that she was diagnosed having cancer of cervix at stage IIIB. Cancer was involving cervix, whole of vagina, posterior wall of urinary bladder and anterior wall of the rectum. She was on radiotherapy and already finished 15 radiations out of 26.
In spite of radiations, she was growing worse. Since few months she was suffering from vaginal bleeding in the form of big and very offensive blood clots every day. She had severe burning pains while urinating and diarrhea every day. She had severe burning pains in vagina and peri-anal region after passing urine or stools. The burning was so much that, it used to compel her to sit for a long time after passing stools or urine. Since she started with radiotherapy, she was also having severe burning of whole of the body.  During night time, burning used to aggravate so much so that she wanted to take out all clothes from her body. In spite of that, burning used to be persistent. She was sleepless day and night because of severe burning pains all over body. She was very much prostrated and weakness was getting worse day by day. She was not able to talk or walk. Uttering few words used to leave her breathless. She was very much depressed and was weeping constantly. Her son said that more than cancer, side effects of radiations were killing his mother day by day. Doctors were expecting her to live for another few months after completing radiations.  But her son was thinking that she will die even before completing the course of radiations
Next day, she started Homeopathic medicine while continuing radiations. Homeopathic medicine worked like a miracle on her. She started feeling better from the next day of starting Homeopathy. Her energy level increased, burning of the body became less and less. She was able to sleep and eat well. Homeopathic medicines cured her from side effects of radiations and also increased her resistance power. So she could complete the course of radiotherapy without many side effects.  When I met her six weeks after starting Homeopathic medicines, I saw that she had gained weight. There was no sign of depression on her face. She was as happy and energetic as she was before developing cancer.
I treated this lady with homeopathy for another 8 months. Meanwhile she didn’t receive any other treatment for cancer. She hardly had any complains until 1 week before she died. She was actively working till end.
This case of mine has taught me a lot. In this case, for the first time I used homeopathy along with radiotherapy. So in the beginning I was doubtful about the benefit. But Homeopathic medicine increased her tolerance towards radiations and cured her of its side effects. It improved her health, minimized her suffering and gave her a quality life.
Case 2:
This lady was diagnosed having high grade malignancy of mouth of uterus at age of 65. She had complains of post menopausal vaginal bleeding ; white, painless  but very offensive vaginal discharge, occasional abdominal pain, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, severe constipation with burning after stools. Her weight was 35kg. Because of her old age, low weight and high grade malignancy, she was diagnosed unfit for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and for surgery. She was tired of suffering and used to pray for death.
This old lady was receiving only Homeopathic treatment for 2 years. Within few months of starting treatment, her vaginal bleeding and offensive discharge stopped and reoccurred only occasionally. Her complains of constipation, burning after stools, loss of appetite improved and she gained weight by 3-4 kg.
The aim of cancer treatment is to cure the patient and save life. The cases where complete cure is not possible, treatment aims to control the disease and to keep the patient normal and comfortable as long as possible. The treatment of each patient is designed to suit an individual and depends on the age of the patient, stage and type of cancer.
In this Particular case, cancer already attained high grade. Because of old age and poor resistance power, complete regression of cancer tissue was impossible. Homeopathic medicines gave her a quality life. Symptomatically she was stable till end. She never suffered from superadded infections or complications. She was never bedridden until 2 weeks before she died.
This case gave me the confidence that Homeopathy can also be a stand-alone therapy for cancer. However, when used correctly, and in combination with necessary therapies, it can be an amazingly powerful tool for empowering someone.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homeopathy: Alternative to Flu shots

Season is changing. Rain has started drizzling every 2-3 days. Trees are shedding their leaves and slowly the winter is creeping in. It’s the perfect time to be alert of flu as the flu season is also approaching.
Yes, Flu occurs most frequently in winters, rainy season, humid atmosphere and sudden change of weather. In the United States, the flu season is generally considered between October and May with the peak of the season falling between late December and March.
The flu, more scientifically known as influenza, is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by influenza viruses. . On average in United States each year: 5% to 20% of the population gets the flu
Flu vaccines:
 The best recommended way according to allopathic physicians to prevent or lessen the severity of the flu is to get a flu shot each fall.  Various news channels, Radio shows, Health channels remind you of the Flu vaccine as the flu seasons begins. They insist flu shot needs to be taken every year. It takes one to two weeks to become effective. However one should be aware that flu vaccines are not always 100% effective.
Even though the vaccine is definitely recommended by most conventional experts, vaccine effectiveness varies from person to person, depending on factors such as age and overall health.
 The flu vaccine preparation is based on the strains of the flu viruses that are in circulation at the time.  Scientists make different flu vaccines every year because the strains of influenza viruses change from year to year. Nine to 10 months before the flu season begins, they prepare a new vaccine made from inactivated (killed) influenza viruses. Effectiveness of the flu vaccine varies from year to year, depending upon the degree of similarity between the influenza virus strains included in the vaccine and the strain or strains that circulate during the influenza season. Sometimes an unpredicted new strain may appear after the vaccine has been made and distributed to doctor’s offices and clinics. These mutations sometimes reduce the ability of the vaccine-induced antibody to inhibit the newly mutated virus, thereby reducing vaccine effectiveness. Because of this, even if you do get the flu vaccine, you still may get infected with flu.
  As with other vaccines, there are possible side effects to be aware of. The most common side effect in children and adults is soreness at the site of the vaccination. Other flu shot side effects — especially in children who have never been exposed to the flu virus — include fever, tiredness, and sore muscles
The most serious side effect that can occur after influenza vaccination is an allergic reaction in people who have a severe allergy to eggs. For this reason, people who have an allergy to eggs should not receive the influenza vaccine.
Homeopathic approach:
Homeopathic remedies do not have any direct effect on the virus but they just stimulate the immunity or the natural healing power and strengthen it. With the powerful defense mechanism, the body becomes capable of fighting all types of infections. Homeopathic medicines increase the general immunity of the individual making it capable of fighting against the infections even without taking the vaccine. (this is in contrast to the vaccines, which increase the specific immunity. And so you need to take a separate vaccine for each different infection/disease) 
      So homeopathy is the most natural way to heal you. Since Homeopathic medicines have no direct action on viruses, they never have an issue with resistance. Homeopathic medicines have no side effects and they produce no allergy reactions. It is safe for all ages, newborns, old people and pregnant women.
It is seen that people who seek Homeopathy for their minor or major complains, fall sick less frequently and also they don’t require taking vaccine shots for every other infection.
In the end, Homeopathy may end up being the most reliable method of saving lives in a bad epidemic. It has happened before, and it may happen again. We owe it to ourselves to be ready.
The success of Homeopathy in treating the flu epidemic of 1918:
The worldwide influenza epidemic of 1918 killed 22 million people worldwide and 500,000 in the U.S. While the mortality rate of people treated with conventional medicine was 30 percent, those treated by Homeopathic physicians had mortality rate of 1.05 percent.
Of the fifteen hundred cases reported at the Homeopathic Medical Society of the District of Columbia there were only fifteen deaths. Recoveries in the National Homeopathic Hospital were 100%. In Ohio, of 1,000 cases of influenza, Dr. T. A. McCann, MD, Dayton, Ohio reported NO DEATHS.
 As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several well-proved medicines are available for flu treatment that can be selected on the basis of cause, signs and symptoms and modalities of the complaints. The Homeopathic treatment for flu is as rapid as conventional medicines and without any side effects. For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified Homeopath in person.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homeopathy: A powerful alternative to conventional medicines

Homeopathy is a scientific system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. This 200 years old medical science has helped millions of people worldwide.
 Homeopathic medicine strengthens the immune system – enabling it to better fight the disease. But the Homeopathic medicine is not limited to strengthening just the immune system. All systems (nervous, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, etc.) are strengthened and balanced. These different systems then work to restore the person to health. It is important to realize that often the entire organism is improved by the Homeopathic medicine. Many of the beneficial effects are, therefore, mental and emotional as well as physical.
Homeopathy can often cure deep-seated chronic illnesses that pharmaceutical medicine can only palliate. Many cases of hypertension, angina, cholesterol, triglycerides, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, peptic ulcer, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness are cured completely of their illness and enjoying life independent of medicines. Common illnesses like fever, cough, cold, influenza etc can also be cured rapidly with Homeopathy.  With Homeopathy you can keep yourself and your children away from antibiotics and painkillers and their side effects.
Yes, it is proved several times worldwide and yet, the average American knows little or nothing about Homeopathy. Even many people who are passionate about alternative medicine know little about the science and art of Homeopathy. It is based on different principles and the journey from sickness to wellness under Homeopathic treatment is quite a different experience from drug-based treatment.
Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-habit forming yet less expensive. These medicines are FDA regulated. They are easy and pleasant to take. They are safe for all ages, newborns, children, pregnant women and elderly. Homeopathy is used to treat both mental and physical health conditions.
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